Vinyasa Funny Flow Yoga 

Let's face it, most people are intimidated by the thought of a structured yoga class. Funny Flow is a great mix of Vinyasa Yoga; movement with the breath, as well as carefree dialogue between students and instructor. Life is all about balance. Laughter is a therapy in itself. Join us for this great balanced class of fun, laughter, yoga poses, yoga philosophy and most importantly, relaxation! 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower paced yoga in which the poses are held for 2-5 minutes. This form of yoga works the joints, fascia, and bones. "When you can sit still long enough to feel, you can start to heal". Yin Yoga is not only a practice for the body but more importantly of the mind. We live in a fast paced world where we are constantly stimulated with phones, internet, tv, work. Yin Yoga is a chance to take moments to practice being present. To be physically, mentally and emotionally present and to address and let go of what no longer serves us

Yin Yoga and Thai Massage

Gently hold Yin postures while receiving gentle stretching and massage of the sen lines. We store our emotions in our muscles, Yin Yoga encourages letting go of what no longer serves you to make room for what does. This class is intended for relaxation and rest so that the body and mind may restore and rejuvenate.

Restorative Yoga 

We live in a fast paced world; we are constantly plugged in and putting ourselves last. Rest is essential for the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. With the use of props to offer support, gently hold yoga poses for 5-10mins at a time to fully and deeply relax into the body. This gentle practice allows the body to rest, the mind to quiet and the spirit to be connected. 

Prenatal Yoga 

Pregnancy is filled with many changes in a woman’s body; physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s important to take time to embrace these changes as well as take time to rest and refuel. This class allows a space for expecting mothers to connect with their baby, build a support network of other local moms-to-be and prepare the body for labor and delivery. No yoga experience is required.